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is the best

Our theater employs some of the best and the most respected actors, performers and directors in this world. All of them are ready to present you stunning performance at any part of a day or night. You can see why by taking a look at the productions we have prepared already.

Winner of the VID 2019, 2018 and 2017

Our awards say a lot about us. Take a closer look at them and you will see why we are the best.

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Watch all the productions you have always dreamed and have fun.

Comfortable seats, professional actors and so much more. In addition, we have a lot more and we are ready to impress you today.

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How productions are made

Innovative and fast process


Gathering information

The first step is to gather all the information the show will need to incorporate. We also invest a lot of time into finding the information regarding the precise location and the time of the event.



As always planning is the most important step. Here we will plan the length of the production, when and where it will be released and all the elements of the show itself.



Now we are ready to start production. Depending on the show, it can last up to 1 year. Most of them are produced till perfection and ready for the public when all the traces are completed without any issues.


Presenting the production

The last step is a ready product that is ready to be presented to our viewers. It is the time when we get the reward and a lot of positive comments from you.

Blog articles

CBD Mistakes That Everyone Should Avoid

There have been many advancements and new introductions in the CBD community. Apart from the CBD Oils and CBD Tinctures, there are now CBD Vape Juices, CBD Vape Carts, CBD Gummies and even topicals as well that can be used for medical benefits. Many doctors have also started recommending these CBD Oil products to their patients so that they can get quick relief from their medical condition. Taking medications based on CBD is also an option but if you listen to experts they will tell you that CBD vaping and tinctures will provide you with better results in terms of effectiveness. You can visit websites like blazecbd.com to buy high-quality CBD vape juice and CBD oil tincture.

People new or experienced in CBD vaping often do mistakes. These mistakes can cost you money as well as health loss. The following are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid.

Buying cheap products

This is the most common mistake that both the new and experienced vaping fanatics do. People think that buying cheap CBD oil and CBD vape juice from gas stations or on amazon are a great idea. In reality, Amazon does not even allow CBD products and gas stations are seeking out the cheapest not the most effective products, and what you end up with is often hemp seed oil that actually contains little or no CBD at all.

Vaping CBD Oil

Vape Juice and Oil or Tinctures are completely different things! Oil is intended for sublingual use under the tongue and is dangerous to vape. If you plan on vaping CBD, you need to make sure to acquire CBD vape juice or CBD vape cartridges intended for that purpose.

Messing up with the dosage

A lot of people use more powerful CBD oil than is recommended. They think that it will make them recover quickly or maybe it will perform better. All this is just a misconception as the dosage should be adjusted according to the need of your body and messing with its quantity can lead to harmful side effects to your health and will cause more harm than the said benefits.